Free Workshop
Wellbeing Yoga
A gentle yoga to reconnect with yourself.
Thursday 16th of November, 7 to 8.30 PM
International Student Center, 38 W 88th St, NYC
Discover a gentle yoga that is accessible to all and allows you to reconnect with yourself.
Immediate and profound effects.
Discover immediate and profound effects
Gentle and balanced Yoga
For Wellbeing & Health
To find peace and harmony
Samara Yoga is a gentle practice that avoids any form of contortion and may be practiced at any age. It has beneficial effects on the different parts of the human being: muscles, joints, organs, concentration, memory, sleep, physical and psychological balance but also on all bodily systems: cardiovascular, immune, nervous systems...
An art of meditation in movement

Samara Yoga is practiced to music, in a state of attention and presence to what is here and now. It combines the benefits of yoga and meditation, and leads to a state of calm, peace and serenity. This self-presence harmonizes the entire psyche: emotions calm down, thoughts become clearer, enabling each individual to become a more conscious actor in his or her own life.
Sylvie Bruandet Lemaire
She is French and lives in Manhattan.
She was trained at the Free University of Samadeva in France, founded by Idris Lahore 25 years ago.
Through Samara yoga, she brought serenity, peace and harmony in her busy life and reconnected with something that had until then been unknown to her, her true being. Then she decided to become a Samara Yoga and Samadeva instructor in order to transmit to others.

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Practical information
  • RATE
    Thursday 16th of November
    7 to 8.30 PM
    International Student Center, 38 W 88th St, NYC
    Sylvie Bruandet Lemaire
    +1 347 867 55 94