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Free Samara Yoga Lecture Workshop
Wednesday 8th of November, 7 to 8.30 PM
Samara School Studio, 1 W 85th St, Apt 10A, NYC
The Secret of Eternal Youth
Come and discover Samara Yoga called by Idris Lahore the secret of eternal youth or the art of meditation in movement.

Samara yoga is at the same time a traditional and modern form of Raja yoga. Idris Lahore conceived as the quintessence of all yogas.

He extracted essential exercises that he called Arkana.

This word means "secret" and it is only through the practice that the secrets, the effects manifest and reveal themselves to the practitioners.

It is what we will discover together during this lecture & workshop through knowledge and practices.
Sylvie Bruandet Lemaire
She is 55 years old, she is French and lives in New York City, in Manhattan.
When she was 35 years old, even though her outer world was great, she knew there was something missing in my life: she had money, a beautiful house, a nice husband, a beautiful family and many friends. But she hadn't found the meaning of her life, so she started to look for it. One day, she participated in a Samara training session. During the first hour of practice, she reconnected with something that had until then been unknown to her, in herself. Then she decided to go on practicing and to start her initiation into Samara Yoga and meditation and to become a Samara Yoga and Samadeva instructor in order to transmit to others. It is what she is doing today through a series of lecture workshops.

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  • RATE
    Wednesday 8th of November, 7 to 8.30 PM
    Samara School Studio, 1 W 85th St, Apt 10A, NYC
    Sylvie Bruandet Lemaire
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